New Year Resolution 2017

  Bespoke Training Programmes Are you already thinking about a post Christmas health & fitness drive but unsure how to achieve this? Contact Tony for a free consultation and advice on exercise, health and diet. Alternatively, try a personalised training...

workout of the week 19/12/16

WORKOUT OF THE WEEK 19/12/16 A nice simple high intensity interval training (HITT) session lasting no more than 30 minutes. On an exercise bike, warm-up for 5 minutes gently and then set the manual programme for 20 minutes. Cycle lightly for 1 minute at level 5. After...

Battle of Lansdown, Bath 19th March 2017

THE BATTLE OF LANSDOWN, BATH SUNDAY 19TH MARCH 2017 Great obstacle course for everyone from athletes through to novices. Visit The Battle of Lansdown and enter now. Contact Tony for some great training sessions in the build-up to race day.

Skiing holidays strength training for 2017

SKIING STRENGTH PROGRAMME You’ve probably already booked or close to booking your skiing holiday in the Alps, Pyrenees, Bulgaria, Scotland or even across the pond to America and Canada. Nothing quite beats those beautiful clear blue bird days gliding down the...


BATH HALF MARATHON 12th March 2017 Entries are now full but you can still run for a host of charities including Scope, Send A Cow and the Teenage Cancer Trust. Contact Tony to receive a personalised training programme and achieve your personal best.