Tony Larkman is a patient, encouraging and supportive PT. Although you always, no matter what, have to work hard; he makes it fun(-ish)! My PT experience has been a great motivator and has helped me lose weight steadily, and consistently. I’ve loved training with him and have so far lost a whopping 27kg, and have never been fitter! I look forward to achieving my final goal together with Tony.


Tony is an inspiring and enthusiastic trainer. Being total novices we were very apprehensive about using the gym and he has made it fun. We are now both much fitter and feel a great deal healthier. Tony is a very good teacher, positive and caring


I’m 70 years old with a history of clinical depression and came to Tony overweight, unfit and with poor posture. Six months later I have lost 12 kilos and feel so much fitter and stronger.. My posture has improved and the exercise has helped with my depression. Tony is an excellent trainer, very good company and his holistic approach has made me look at other aspects of a healthy lifestyle – not only diet. I really look forward to our sessions and could not recommend him highly enough.


I started training with Tony when I re-joined Fitness First due to weight gain over the previous 3 years and had lost interest in any type of fitness. At the beginning, it was just about getting fit again which was done through a series of cardio based workouts and strength based training – there’s always a variety of activities to keep it interesting. But after a while, Tony started talking about indoor rowing and whether would I be interested in taking part in the British Rowing Indoor Championship. For some unknown reason, I said yes but I haven’t looked back! Our training sessions became very focused on rowing, preventing injury and supplementary exercises to support all the rowing. The highlight has definitely been competing in BRIC where I managed to come 8th in my category – for a first attempt I’m pleased and the comments I’ve received from other athletes have been amazing.
Most of our sessions have been enjoyable (there are some painful ones I’d rather not repeat) and we always end up having a laugh which has significantly helped keeping me going. Although Tony has some crazy ideas, he has pushed me to do more and I’ve learnt to become less scared of the weights area. I honestly don’t think I would have achieved everything I did last year without him and I’m looking forward to seeing what comes next.
Oh, and if you needed to distract Tony, talking about cake or providing cake will keep him distracted for at least 5 minutes!


For me, to suggest that Tony is “just” a PT is probably doing him and his professional abilities a disservice.

I have struggled with my weight and fitness for as long as I can remember, and whilst I have tried a range of approaches in the past, few people I have met have been as supportive and as successful as Tony in getting my head in the right place before going anywhere near a gym.

After our initial consultation, I remember Tony saying to me that he was excited about working with me, and to be honest, I was sceptical that he could be the chap that would set me on the right path to making some long lasting life changes.

A good few months into my work with Tony, I know that I have begun to take steps to achieving the goals that I have set for myself. I’m working hard to keep on beating personal bests with my running – and Tony has even got me running outdoors in preparation for “The Battle of Lansdown”. And that’s not even to mention my new found love of Boxercise!

Tony is changing not only how I think about my fitness, but also helping me to think about how I can develop myself as a person too. No two sessions in the gym are the same and training with him is a highlight of any week.

I can’t recommend him highly enough and take pride in having him in my corner.

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