Marielle’s transformation has been incredible. In the space of 18 months, Marielle has lost 36kgs and is continuing to drop to her correct weight.


So many people find it easy to initially lose weight with a fitness programme and then the progress slows to a halt. Marielle has continued to lose excess kilograms through regular exercise and introducing a healthy calorie controlled diet. This deserves a big mention, much praise and a worthy client of the month crown. 

Marielle explained to me that she has never been the correct weight for her height and initially found it tough to accept that this would ever change. She was initially very apprehensive about committing to a programme of exercise and healthy eating. Through eating healthy foods and the correct calories for her ideal weight plus exercising every other day in the gym, Marielle has proven to herself that the impossible is indeed possible. Watch this space for continued updates on Marielle’s success.