I asked Bianca who lives in Bath, England if I could use her success of losing 19kgs for my April 2019 client of the month personal training fitness blog. However, I have to admit that Bianca is not a client of mine but a very good friend.

Her transformation has been incredible. She is the mother of two beautiful young children and has been run ragged by the responsibilities of a mother and a wife. She has little time to devote to her own well-being and witnessed her weight steadily increasing over the past 5 years. So, I was intrigued to find out how Bianca shifted the excess weight.


Over a ‘skinny’ latte in a Bath coffee shop, Bianca explained the catalyst that caused the dramatic change in her health. Whilst on holiday in Iceland, a bus driver gave her special assistance and declared that she should be taking it easy for ‘a woman in her condition’. He thought she was pregnant!

Embarrassed and annoyed, Bianca committed to a programme of heath, fitness, portion control and well-being with the aim of replicating her pre baby weight. And she achieved this by slowly reducing her portion sizes and not matching her husbands big plate of food. In addition, she started attending the gym, fitness classes, tennis, running and enjoying exercise again.

Bianca transformed from a hearty 93kgs to 74kgs over 3 months. I asked her how she felt since the weight loss. Her reply took me back. ‘Great as I haven’t been asked when my next baby is due for a long while, which I was asked several times at my largest. The latest being on holiday in Iceland this year”.

Bianca’s weight loss has been amazing. Her dramatic change is proof that you do not need to sign up to fad diets because they do not work. So the only solution to being overweight is to reduce your calorie intake to the correct daily allowance for your height, age, sex and activity levels. An average man is 2500 calories per day. An average woman, 2000 calories per day.


But so many of us consume over this amount and then wonder why we are overweight. I’ve heard hundreds of reasons. From allergies to autoimmune diseases to slow metabolism. But it’s all excuses.

I have inherited hypothyroidism which means my metabolism is very slow due to the lack of thyroxine being produced in my body. But I manage to keep my weight under control with eating the correct daily calorie intake for a 50 year old man who is 186cm and is active. But please don’t misunderstand me. If I overeat for a period of time, the weight suddenly appears and my waist expands, my blood pressure increases and my energy levels dissipate. So, it’s all about portion control and eating healthy foods.

You can keep healthy through eating unprocessed natural organic foods and take a leaf out of Bianca’s book by portion control and increasing your activity levels. Even if it means washing the car this weekend rather than taking it to be cleaned.

Well done Bianca. My April ‘friend’ of the month and an inspiration to all.