The 2024 World Rowing Indoor Championships will be held in Prague, Czech Republic on 23-24 February

at the O2 Universum Arena.

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For the second time in World Rowing’s history, the Championships will be a joint event with the 2024 European Rowing Indoor Championships.

Participants from all continents will have a choice to compete in-person at the O2 Universal Hall in Prague, Czechia, or join the action ‘virtually’ in real time on their Concept2 ergometers, with the same performance metrics but from remote locations around the world. They will be connected via the internet to the same central timing and results system as for those in the venue.

As well, the Champioships will incorporate for the second time, the multi-challenge competition format called the World Rowing Versa Challenge, to help determine the world’s top overall indoor rowers, in addition to the usual age-category races.



blurred image of indoor rowing competition



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