Tony’s healthy recipe ideas are designed to minimise effort and time and maximise nutrition.

The idea is simplicity.

Online recipes are often complicated and require a food bank of ingredients. Plus, they often take hours of preparation and cooking. These quick simple recipes are developed for a healthy sustainable eating plan which are low calorie and packed full of protein. 


By replacing some of the carbohydrates and fats with protein, you can boost satiety.

Protein intake reduces ghrelin (the hunger hormone). And protein boosts the levels of peptide YY, a hormone that makes you feel full. 


Don’t worry. You’re not going to look like Arnold Schwarzenegger! 

However, eating adequate amounts of protein can help maintain muscle and supports growth from strength training.


A combination of resistance training and protein intake supports bone mass as we age and can help to lower the risk of osteoporosis and fractures. 


When you consume protein, the thermic effect is much higher than carbohydrates and fats. Protein has a thermic effect of 20-35% compared to 5-15% for carbohydrates and fats.

This thermic effect can increase your metabolism and a higher metabolism will burn more calories at rest and during activity.


  • May lower your blood pressure
  • Can aid weight loss
  • Supports recovery and repair after training and injury
  • May reduce age-related muscle deterioration and sarcopenia
  • Recommended daily intakes of protein does not harm healthy kidneys


cod and prawn curry dish with white rice

Cod, Prawn and Coconut Curry

A protein packed healthy delicious meal which is simple to make and can be used with any meaty fish of your choice.
A meal which will provide all of your essential amino-acids and micronutrients to help you feel full and speed up your recovery for your next workout.

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mushrooms cherry tomatoes egg on toast

Nutty Mushrooms on Toast

The gut thrives on a variety of foods – each one provides different nutrients and different bacteria, so starting your day with these pimped-up mushrooms on toast is the perfect way to support your gut health.

And at only 640 calories, the nutty mushrooms on toast is also kind to your waistline.

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chickpea and tuna salad

Quick Vibrant Tuna and Chickpea Salad

Wholesome, satiating, fresh and delicious, this salad from Cinnamon and Bluebells can be prepared simply and quickly. Apart from being highly nutritious, it tastes amazing with varying textures and flavours.
The salad will keep you full and happy till your next meal. Full of protein and micronutrients to nourish your body.

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bean avocado spinach high protein wrap

High Protein Bean, Avocado & Spinach Wrap

Sometimes we are after a quick nourishing meal to replenish our energy and keep us going. This simple yet wonderful veggie wrap created by Cinnamon and Bluebells takes less than 10 minutes to prepare.
Made with wholesome ingredients, packed full of protein, fibre and numerous other nutrients. It will hit the spot, please your tastebuds and leave you satisfied and restored.

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Chives or Thyme Scrambled Eggs on Multi-Seed Toast

34g of protein, 40g of fat and 29g of carbohydrates coming in at 600kcal.

A perfectly balanced meal with added chives or thyme to enhance vitamin C and boost your immune system plus extra potassium for healthy cells and manganese for bone health.

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Calculate your optimal calories

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