42195 metres on a Concept 2 rowing machine

This is about as tough as anything I’ve done in the past. Especially as I decided to see how I could cope in a fasted state.  Half-way through the row,  I was coming to the end of a 16 hours intermittent fast.

I struggled at the 100 minute mark and then it was a mental challenge to hold it together to get to the line.

Disaster almost struck with 250m to go as I developed cramp in my inner thighs and forearms. I did my best to ignore the cramp and hang on. I’m pleased I did as I manage to break the British heavyweight 50-59 record by 29.1 seconds which had been held since 2009.

I will try and beat my record in a few months and row in a non-fasted state, hydrated and include isotonic drinks to help me through the marathon.

If you’re interested in getting fit and would like to try indoor rowing, check out the Concept2 website and the Concept2 ranking pages and see how you compare with your age group and weight. Most gyms have Concept2 rowers.

Also, if you’d like to row on the water, look up the British Rowing website to find your local club and try a taster session. There are lots of Learn to Row courses. September is when the clubs start training again for the new racing season so it’s a good time to learn.

Good luck.