Imogen – October client of the month:

Imogen has struggled over the course of the last couple of years suffering from epilepsy and bulimia but has pulled through with strength and determination.

Imogen’s progress:

Imogen has added over 2kgs of muscle to her frame in 6 months through a determined compound lifting training programme. In addition, she has continued to increase her fitness by building an aerobic platform of steady state training plus adding interval work in the pool.

Imogen has worked hard to find a suitable vegan diet to feed her body the nutrients she requires to build muscle and added the necessary supplements to help build muscle. This has has helped her to recover quicker for her next training session.

Imogen – against the odds:

A truly amazing fete against the odds, Imogen continues to improve and thrive and is aiming to complete several challenges including Mount Kilimanjaro and Mount Everest. Imogen says the training has also helped with her mental. She feels the effects of exercise on her well-being daily. A win win situation and long may it continue. A very worthy client of the month for October.