It’s the middle of winter and the bugs are here. But should I train when I’m ill?

Often you hear people in gyms saying they’re sick and there in the gym to sweat it out. Here are 3 reasons why you should not train while you are unwell

  1. After bouts of exercise, the immune system will be depleted meaning that we are more susceptible to infection. So, if you have a bug, your immune system is already under attack. Don’t weaken your defences by depleting the body through exercise and exacerbating your symptoms.
  2. According to some experts, if your symptoms are above the neck, it’s alright to exercise. If you have a fever, deep chesty coughs or body aches stay at home. Complete rubbish. You should stay at home if you are unwell – period. You will recover quicker by resting.
  3. Don’t pass it on. You are infectious when you’re ill. Breathing, sweating and touching are all ways to pass on nasty bugs. It doesn’t matter how careful you are in the gym with anti-bacterial wipes, you are still contagious. Stay at home.