Adam is a busy man. He runs a successful business and employs many staff. He has a lovely family, 2 dogs, great neighbours and enjoys a holiday or 3 from time to time.

To fit anything extra into his life creates a big demand on time. In addition, he recently started a new business which had put further stress on his time.

Despite numerous coffee meetings around Bath, constant messages and phone calls to encourage him back into fitness, Adam was always too busy to workout.

This wasn’t the response that was needed. I had to get him back in the gym to reverse the damage that he was doing to his body.


The only way to entice Adam back into training was to offer him a fitness assessment. Adam loves targets.

I measured his body fat, BMI, anatomical measurements, peak flow, lung function and blood pressure.

I then carried out a fitness test on the rowing machine over 2000m to estimate his VO2max and fitness levels. The results were not good.

Adam’s body fat percentage was much higher than normal and his lean body mass was low (muscle, bone and connective tissue). In addition, his blood pressure was elevated and had a higher than average BMI.

The assessment had worked. It shocked Adam into action.


The plan was to reduce bodyweight mass, blood pressure, body fat mass and lower BMI.

In addition, to improve VO2max, increased peak flow, lung function and lean body mass.

The timeline to achieve the goal was 12 weeks.

The sessions were rotated between strength, HIIT and endurance circuits.

There are 4 weeks left before Adam goes away on holiday. Adam has put the hours in the gym. His strength and fitness levels have increased. He has improved flexibility and mobility, greater core strength and higher energy levels.

A good improved performance.


In the last 4 weeks, the target is diet.

This is fundamental to the success of the plan. He must reduce his body fat mass and blood pressure.

Adam is embarking on a diet of fresh vegetables and lean meats for the next 4 weeks and is limiting grains and dairy in his diet.

Alcohol and caffeine is to be reduced as well.

His love for take-ways is banned in this last phase of the programme as are all cakes, crisps, sweets and processed foods.

The 80/20 plate rule is applied (not to be confused with the 80/20 diet).

In addition, his calories will be restricted to 2000 calories per day for the final month. All of these calories will come form natural food sources.

The end of the month will reveal the outcome of his 12 weeks of hard work and determination to get back into shape.

Then he can enjoy a relaxing time in the sun before we embark on a new programme on his return.

Keep up the great work Adam. If it doesn’t challenge you, it won’t change you.

“A goal should scare you a little, & excite you A LOT” Joe Vitale